Thursday, September 25, 2008

Forever Travelling

Termites massed
forever curving away
along the red dust
of the country track
their destination
their departure


Michael said...

Hello Chris: This poem brought many images to my mind. Though I have not 'experienced' termites first-hand,I have heard that they eat away at people's houses. They are destroyers. Situating them en route to their next demolition job...on the road...satisfied by wanting more to destroy...was powerful stuff. Like all poetry it repays re-reading. It's a little tablet that fizzes and then, when swallowed, stimulates, adds nourishment, cures headaches or fires thought.
Personally, I see Wall Street as the termites. Evil people who sold their fellow men false promises: that they would own their own house. The promisers of dreams that cannot be fulfilled. The wreckers of homes.
But I think I know who the termites are in your writing. It's a great little poem that speaks volumes. Thanks.

Chris said...

Hi Zayandeh - You have opened a whole new perspective for me as regards the termites... let me chase it and see where it takes me to - thanks for the comments.

Chris said...

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