Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Peace Deal (September 2008)

Those three hands shaking
And up from them
Three arms tentacling
In dark suit jackets encased
To three faces
Flashing white teeth
That tell nothing
Of the political thought
As that stone of the sky up there
Forever entombing us all


farai said...

Dear Christopher,

unfortunately I don't have your email-adress, so I try to contact you like that. In the moment we are doing the annual newsletter ob BAOBAB Afrikaprojekte e.V. (
In the newsletter we inform about the situation in Zimbabwe and in the women's projects, we support there for a long time and also about arts and literature. You can look up the last one (2007) on our website.
I found your poems while looking for Zimbabwean literature in the web. We like them, and so I wrote something to introduce you to our readers. We would like to print one or two of you poems with it. Please give us the permit to do that. The people in our association are working honorary, and the money we collect goes to the women's projects, so we can not pay you for it. But it could promote you. I am also in the editorial staff of the "Zimbabwe Netzwerk Rundbrief" ( we could do a tip on your blog in the next number, too.

Looking forward to your answer

Annelie Klother

Chris said...

Hi Annelie

Thanks for the nice comments on my poetry, we try to write no matter how difficult the conditions. My email address is


Please feel free to get in touch then we can talk about which poems you want to use so that I can polish them a little bit for you.

One love

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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