Monday, December 10, 2007

Where will they be on Xmas day?
Christopher Mlalazi (c) Christopher Mlalazi

As our children
stare wide eyed
at glass cases of sweets
that their poor fathers
can no longer afford to buy for them
to sweeten their Xmas days -
where will the shefs* be on that day?

As mothers patch old clothes
that their children can cover their buttocks and their husbands their crotches between their perforated trouser legs

as cockroaches threaten mutiny
inside bare cupboards
faced by the beautiful face of hunger
in houses where once voices laughed
on sunny Xmas days -
where will the shefs be on that day
with their looted public funds

*shef - party big shots

Ode To Christmas

The gramophone was positioned under the marula tree

In front of the red brick house
And, one two three
They all trooped out.

Mama in Nike sneakers
And a blue evening dress
That flashed bright strobes of light
A wicked slit on its side

Papa in brand new
Bright orange miner’s helmet
A Spider man t-shirt
And bell bottoms that teased the puppy

Then next was son
In full khakhi school uniform
Smartly pressed
And gum booted

And O how they danced that day
They wildly swung their arms
As feet gone mad harassed the dust
And they all fervently cried out one word



*Ikhisimusi - Xmas

Out Of Touch

Hi guys

Sorry people have not been updating my blog of late had lost my password and could not access blog as much as I tried following given instructions but now I finally have remembered it and will now continue posting - look forward to more soul searching poetry and stories....

One Love