Thursday, March 21, 2013


We want to live
In a tomorrow
Where our past
Can be looked at with pride
And not the shame
Of rotting corpses behind bushes
Raped mothers
traumatized orphans
and brothers and sisters
skedaddleing all over the world in terror
Of an uncertain future

Child Of Two Cities

When I was a foetus
In the warm womb of my mother
I lived in Halimane village
Land of my ancestors
Entwined by a river
Striving to straighten its limbs
Between trees that rained smiles of leaves
When autumn dawned, and our hearts melted.

I walked the forests of Halimane ceaselessly
Drinking in the crisp air
Watched by frisky squirrels
Pausing between their ferreting
To sit back on their hind legs
As I did a few months
After I was born into Halimane village