Saturday, October 18, 2008


Hey teacher
Please listen to this picture-

Where are you hiding these days
Please tell your former student
For, I remember, sir photosynthesis,
The hiding you used to give me


Tips of fingers
A slap
Switch on buttocks

And I would dance
And dance and dance

And curse your mother
And father
Who gave birth
To such a callous person

Big red bhabhalazi eyes

But yet so brave

As to punish
Another man’s child-

But now I realize
It was only a gun
Wearing a condom


Which change
Were you trying to change

Higher than the change
That makes you skulk at corners
And queue at the money lenders
On SSB day
Or the useless bank
The whole day

You have nothing on your payslip
Please envy the mu Postori
Who calculate trillions on their fingers
Who have opened banks in their houses
-education is important
-education is important


Tell me dear teacher
Are you waiting for Jehovah
To bring about the change
That makes your heart nearly seize
And your thoughts go astray
When you envision
In your dreams
Whilst hoping
into the back of a cheap truck
Because you cannot afford the commuter Kombi
The house you thought you would build
The car you thought you would buy
The holiday
You thought you would take
In Victoria Falls
The Sychelles
When you were still fresh from college

Spirit of this class
Through rain or glass
I fling chalk dust into the mirror
And bid words hither
To create themselves on the reflection
And walk on their minute spirals
Back to the school assembly point

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