Monday, March 23, 2009


Have you ever seen a baby doll
Black in colour, hair kinky?

Where have you seen its eyes roll
Up and down real winky freaky
And the hilarious squeak when on it I fall
My neighbour’s friend doll inky

Pinkie inky that’s what we call
Her that got splattered it’s a pity

Rosy pink cheek by black ink like the wall
Small nostalgic red bricks scarred and weepy
Streaky white from the black birds on the broken top

Where have you ever seen it
A baby doll black in colour, hair kinky?


rukanda said...

Just found your blog.

Great poetry that evokes appetites.

I searched for Ndebele or Shona poems, there seems to be none.

I am wondering, how it would feel, when we read it, if you were to write poetry in Ndebele or Shona, whichever is your mother tongue.

Christopher Mlalazi said...

maybe one day I will write in Ndebele or Shona - but for now I am aiming for a wider audience/readership and the English langauge is the appropriate tool - thanks for reading my blog.