Tuesday, May 27, 2008


’amaBooks invite you to
the launch of
Dancing with Life
a collection of short stories by

Christopher Mlalazi

Saturday 24 May at 2.00 pm

at the
Zimbabwe Academy of Music
Hillside Road

as part of the Bulawayo Music Festival

‘Christopher Mlalazi may well be the most promising younger writer in Zimbabwe today. His fiction captures the edgy energy of townships where young people have learned to be light on their feet, their dancing born of economic necessity and mocking disrespect for traditional authority. Patricia Alden, Professor of African Literature, St. Lawrence University

‘Christopher Mlalazi is the rising voice of the ghetto, with all its violence, sharp anger, bitter protestations and tangible promise of a better tomorrow.’ Raisedon Baya

‘This collection sparkles with wit, sizzles with style and dances with life. It is a welcome addition to Zimbabwe’s growing canon and will be read and enjoyed for years to come.’ Petina Gappah


Emmanuel Sigauke said...

Congratulations on your success. Looking forward to reading this collection.

Fungai James said...

Hi Chris! As a person who is "writing seriously" when can we expect more posts to your blog?

Fungai James said...

That was meant to be encouragement, by the way. ;). Long time. Where on earth are you and where can I find your book?

Chris said...
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Chris said...

Thanks guys for the posts - Fungai, you are right, I must raise my socks :), but what with waking up to go and fetch water (!)