Saturday, October 07, 2006


A few years back, after I had been writing seriosuly for fifteen or so years, I had what I term as an awakening. All along I had been writing comical township bottle store anecdotes which seemed to amuse publishers and readers alike. Then, one day, when the home political situation got thuggish, I realised that all the independent press had been muzzled - so who was going to let the world know?

The artist of course!


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thoughts galore said...

chris this is a piont and more because the silence of media means a duped ppulation that is dull and dangerous and symbolise a nation without focus.
i will share one qoute by thomas jefferson the 13th president of the united states: "I will rather live without a government than to live without a newspaper"... get that jist andshare with other artists who know the importance of talk and that of freeing the media.

from nkosie dread,
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